Join my online circle of purposeful memoirists!

I’m delighted to offer an online version of my popular memoir intensive series, for women who are actively writing memoir, whether with a goal of publication or as an exploratory practice.

Just as in my in-person circles, we’ll gather monthly for a three-hour video-conference session, limited to 6 writers who will each have a designated time to share up to 1,000 words from their memoir writing, and receive the group’s thoughtful, encouraging feedback.

Series I dates: four Sundays, from 3 – 6 pm Eastern.

Feb 3, March 3, April 7, May 5

Register here.


What people are saying about my purposeful memoir workshops:

“I’m a little in love with this writing workshop—the leader, Jennifer, so engaging, generous and encouraging.  And the women so earnest, intent on digging into their psyches to meet the questions of the day. Where does inspiration come from, what secret places in our being might it be hiding?  And, what emerges? A force from some mysterious place tugs at us, pulling up memories, ideas, feelings from both past and present, colliding. This brings me to life! This feels like love.” –AS

“I so enjoyed your class. Your presentation and explanation of ‘how to’ was wonderful. Your assignments could not help but lead the students to developing their own voices, and your discussion guidance was creative and so well-thought-out. And avoided, hopefully, hurt feelings. I’m very glad I came. You were inspirational to the group and helped us did move forward in our writing.” –LR

THANK YOU Jennifer!!! You are an amazing facilitator, bringing the best out of everyone! I can’t wait for another workshop with you!! –NL

Jennifer…a multitude of thanks to you for an extraordinary experience of self-reflection, self-acceptance, encouragement and your exemplary way of being…your beautiful expression in the world is much appreciated! Kudos to you and your talent; your encouragement and great ability leave me feeling hopeful and eager for more. –RF

I left yesterday feeling deeply moved by each of you, and us as a collective. Jennifer, you have created magic here. Nothing is more intimate than sharing the meaning of our lives. –BN

7 thoughts on “Join my online circle of purposeful memoirists!”

  1. Jennifer. I was so delibhted to meet you this past evening. We didn’t have a long conversation, but from what we did speak about, I am breathless. Long have I wished for someone who could help me with my memoirs. I grew up as a minister’s child. A product of the mid-1930’s, the years approaching WWII. Soon my family and I were engaged in a completely different life-style, one that would carry many wonderful and sometimes scary memories. It is my desire to put this down on paper. Not just for my family, but for the world to know what it was like to be a part of a world at war and the aftermath. I would love to participate in one of your workshops. I’ll be in touch soon again. Sincerely, Jane Whitney

  2. Jennifer this sounds so interesting is there a membership fee?
    I am working on episodes memoir using my childhood favourite books as a unifying device.

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