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The Elemental Journey of Purposeful Memoir

Work at Your Own Pace, Receive One-on-One Coaching, Tap Into Group Support

Are you ready to embark on the elemental journey of purposeful memoir?

This month-long course starts out from four fundamental premises about writing memoir:

  • Everyone has a life story worth exploring in writing
  • Even if you don’t intend to share your personal writing with others, the journey is still worth taking, as a voyage of self-understanding
  • You don’t have to “be a writer” to write with passion and purpose about your life, in ways that others will find compelling and meaningful
  • You don’t have to have a plan in place before you start writing; in fact, it can be better to just set off on the journey in a light-hearted way, without too many expectations or worries

Through a variety of thought-provoking prompts about different periods and aspects of your life, “The Elemental Journey of Purposeful Memoir” online course will get you writing and offer specific guidance on how to refine your story, find your audience, and craft a beautiful, dynamic memoir.

Free introductory module-–check it out at no cost or obligation! Free e-book and the option of discounted coaching sessions included with your enrollment.

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