Manuscript Review & Editing

Manuscript Review and Developmental Editing

Drawing on my many years of experience as an author and an editor, I can help you turn that messy manuscript into a well-organized, polished masterpiece that your readers won’t want to put down.

In addition to working on book manuscripts, I can help with shorter pieces: blog posts, essays, columns or articles. My training in journalism has given me a keen sense of how to pull readers in with compelling lead paragraphs, and how to hold their attention for the long haul.

My basic fee is three cents per word, which includes a detailed written report and–for projects of at least 20,000 words–an hour’s consultation to discuss.

“Jennifer, I respect and appreciate what you are doing very much, and the energy you bring to it. The elements you combine in your work are exactly those that interest me, and I’m sure many others as well. In the past I’ve felt like my spiritual practice, my interest in memoir writing and my political/climate essays and activism were all on separate tracks, but I feel them steadily converging, energizing and informing one another. You are a great teacher and example for that.”

AR, South Shore Nova Scotia

“Jennifer, thank you.  I so appreciate your patience with and witness to this birthing process.  You are midwifing this book.  I had a midwife with both births and this process and duration feels very much the same.  Your questions are just what I need.  Thank you!”

KD, 2020

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