• Psst…the Personal is Planetary! Pass it On!  We need to wake up and realize that everything we do as individuals has a political and planetary impact. Taking off from her own personal trajectory as an American woman, Jennifer envisions the future that we could create if we succeed in aligning the personal, political and planetary dimensions of our lives.
  • From Anthropocene to Androgynocene: Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies for a Sustainable Future. Our age is commonly referred to as the “Anthropocene”– the era when human activity became the most influential driver of change on Earth.  Unfortunately, much of that change has been negative, as humans have polluted the environment and triggered the cascading effects of climate change with our over-reliance on fossil fuels.  Analyzing the Anthropocene through a gendered lens, Jennifer relates our current social and political problems to an imbalance of the masculine and the feminine in human consciousness. If we can succeed in shifting from Anthropocene to Androgynocene, she argues, we can overcome all obstacles and move into a sustainable future.

What they’re saying….

“A powerful, compelling talk….Thank you for being that beacon of light and a reflective mirror for all of us.”  –A.C.

“Your talk was, for me, very impacting and also moving….It helped me see the tremendous work you have done in integrating your own self-inquiry with your professional life and your hopes for the planet.  Not easy stuff, and extremely courageous…..Literally ground-breaking.” –A.M.

“I wish to bottle and save the energy and inspiration you send out in your work.  Thank you so much for the care with which you made this remarkable presentation.” –L.S.