Inspiration for Memoirists

We’re on this journey together!

I regularly offer writing prompts, blog posts on the craft of writing, and inspirational videos for memoirists–you can find many free resources right here on my website!

It’s all part of my conviction that our work on the elemental journey of purposeful memoir has a broader meaning out in the world. With each step, we learn more about ourselves, and society, and our world, and with that deeper knowledge comes a more intentional, purposeful way of being in the world.

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Free writing prompts!

Download the prompts for my powerful “Seeking Joy” workshop, part of my Alchemy of Purposeful Memoir series–now offered regularly online!

My approach in these two-hour generative workshops is to “salute the positive and transmute the negative” in your life story, with a focus on a different quality or aspect that we’d like more of in our lives, such as Courage, Community or Purpose.

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More Inspirational Videos

My award-winning writer’s guide, The Elemental Journey of Purposeful Memoir: A Writer’s Companion, takes a month-by-month approach to memoir writing, offering thought-provoking essays on craft and open-ended writing prompts that spiral through my unique elemental journey framework.

You can find short monthly videos for each month on my Purposeful Memoir You-Tube playlist, along with interviews and other reflections about the process of writing purposeful memoir. My intention with the monthly check-ins is to offer an intimate video pep talk, a reminder that I’m with you on this writing journey, cheering you on!

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Essays on the Craft of Writing Memoir

I have been keeping a Writing Life blog for years now, and I offer it to you as a free resource of inspiration and guidance on the art and craft of writing memoir, as well as reflections on living the writing life.

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Let me know what resonates for you, or if you have any questions. I always love to hear from you!