The Quest of Purposeful Memoir: An Online Weekend Writing Retreat

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The Quest of Purposeful Memoir: An Online Weekend Writing Retreat

January 14, 2022 @ 12:00 pm January 16, 2022 @ 3:30 pm


In a series of five lively, writing-intensive online sessions, dive into a deep and far-reaching exploration of specific moments in your life story, seeking clarity about the significance of those episodes that you just can’t forget.

Setting your individual life into the larger context of your time and place, we’ll ask how the lessons you have learned can be of benefit to others, and consider what your purpose might be should you decide to share your memoir more widely.

As purposeful memoirists, we look back over our life stories in order to better understand the present moment, and to step more intentionally into the thriving future we desire, for ourselves and those around us.

Whether you are new to writing or an established author, this hands-on, generative workshop will open stimulating new avenues of inquiry for you to explore.

Recommended text: Purposeful Memoir as a Quest for a Thriving Future, by Jennifer Browdy (Green Fire Press, 2021). 

Class schedule 

Friday, January 14, 12 – 1:30PM EST 

Welcome and overview, with initial guidance on generative writing for memoir, and first thought-provoking prompts.

Saturday, January 15, 12 – 1:30PM EST, 2 – 3:30PM EST

On the Quest of Purposeful Memoir, we’ll unearth and explore significant moments in your life story with stimulating prompts, sharing and discussion. We’ll also try a bit of alchemical writing, using the magic of fiction to understand real life more fully. There will be an optional homework assignment for Saturday night. 

Sunday, January 16, 12 – 1:30PM EST, 2 – 3:30PM EST

On the final day of the retreat, we’ll consider how you can set your own life story into the wider collective history of your time and place, with prompts, sharing and discussion. How is your life story representative of many others, and therefore even more important for you to tell?

We’ll end with reflections on how your purposeful memoir, whether as a contemplative journey or a published book, might make a positive difference in the world. 

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