Purposeful Memoir as a Path to a Thriving Future

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Purposeful Memoir as a Path to a Thriving Future

Aligning the Personal, Political & Planetary

October 18 @ 2:00 pm 4:00 pm

The workshops in this series, “Aligning the Personal, Political and Planetary for a Thriving Future,” guide participants through a process of looking back over their life experiences in a way that begins to foreground the societal and environmental backdrop against which we have lived.

The first step is simply taking stock. How did we get here? What choices did we make, as individuals and societies, that led to the runaway political and environmental crises that we face today? 

Having gone through this thoughtful process of purposeful memoir, we can then turn our faces to the future with greater awareness and firmer resolution, knowing what we value and determined to live our individual lives in ways that are more aligned with the thriving future we envision for all life on Earth.

Join me for a potent, fast-paced two-hour online workshop. Explore how your individual story is embedded into the larger political and planetary landscapes in which we all live.

How have the broader socio-historical and environmental events in your community, region or the world affected your life, and/or the lives of the people around you at different times in your life? How has this contributed to making you the person you are today? And how can you turn this deeper understanding of the past and present to good use, in stepping more intentionally into the thriving future you desire?

Read more about the contemplative practice of aligning the personal, political and planetary at my Transition Times blog, here.