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Channeling and Journaling, Session Two: A Co-creative Journey with Gaia & other Guides, led by Christine Boschen and Jennifer Browdy

October 29, 2023 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Faced with the urgency of a world in crisis, Jennifer and Christine felt called to collaborate in listening more deeply for how to serve Gaia and the well-being of All That Is.

If you feel drawn to ask what Mother Earth’s To-Do List might be for you, bring your  fervent questions so that through Christine, Gaia and other Guides may respond with a beautiful braid of transmissions that enrich and open new pathways for all of us.

High-level Guides come through only upon our request, and require us to absorb, sift through, interpret, and integrate their messages. This is the power of the journaling portion of this offering, led by Jennifer: we will have an opportunity to share with each other how the transmissions land with us and the meaning that we take from them. It is truly a journey of co-creation.

The cost of $54 includes two sessions, Oct. 15 and 29, noon – 2 pm Eastern. More sessions may be planned depending on group interest.

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About Christine Boschen

Intuitive channel Christine Boschen dons many other professional “hats,” including life coach, environmental scientist, stubbornly determined DIYer of upcycled creations, and loving home gardener. Many of these roles are reflected in her business, Converge Forward, which is also home to the Peace is an Action Verb Podcast. She has been channeling professionally for clients since 2019.

About Jennifer Browdy

Jennifer has been a spiritual seeker all her life, since her childhood playing with woodland spirits and writing stories about magic and mystery. As an author coach she has worked with many spiritual memoirists, and as a professor of literature she has studied the works of many spiritual teachers. For many years she has sought to put her gift for writing in service to the well-being of Gaia and the Earth community, to lead others in doing this too, work she calls “becoming a world wright.”