In this final month of the 2021-22 series, we'll talk through the options for birthing your work into the world!

Birth Your Truest Story Month Nine

The generative part of your journey is complete. Now is the time to share your work more widely–whatever that means to you. For some, it may involve engaging a professional editor, seeking a literary agent, or identifying a publishing strategy. No matter your goals, it’s important to continue to support the tender voice that brought your story to life. The final session of our 9-month series will help you:

  • Envision and connect to your audience
  • Lean into the urgency of your message
  • Remain open to new possibilities without losing your direction
  • Cultivate inner allies to sustain you through the challenges of marketing your work

Your tuition includes two 90-minute online sessions with me and my co-teacher Audrey Kalman. 

  • 6/5, CLASS: Birthing your work into the world
  • 6/22, Office Hour

Plus, join us on June 12 for our end-of-the-year reading and celebration!