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Speak Your Truth: Leadership, Writing & Public Speaking for Social & Environmental Justice

March 1 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am


Are you ready to become a change agent for social and environmental justice?

This hands-on four-session online class, sponsored by Bioneers Learning, will give you specific tools and tactics for effectively communicating your vision for a positive future, as well as strategies for building a campaign to make your vision a reality.

As part of a collaborative team of writer-activists, we’ll look deeply at some of the major social andenvironmental issues of our time and consider how outstanding leaders have used creative expression to make a difference.

Inspired by these models, you’ll work on expressing your own ideas with confidence, clarity, and eloquence,in both writing and public speaking, coming away with a portfolio of writing, a recorded talk, and a circle of kindred spirits cheering you on.

Class One (March 1, 2024): Step into leadership for social and environmental justice

In the first class we’ll consider leadership strategies offered by activists such as Margaret Wheatley, Joanna Macy, Nina Simons and Adrienne Maree Brown, and work collaboratively to explore ways that you can most effectively put your skills and experience to work for the well-being of the communities you care about and the planet as a whole.

Class Two (March 8, 2024): Communicate your vision through compelling writing

To inspire others, you must get their attention with a gripping story that galvanizes them to action. We’ll consider different genres and stylistic approaches to activist writing, drawing on work by successful writer-activists like Audre Lorde, Eve Ensler (now known as V) and Terry Tempest Williams. You’ll reach deep into your own heart as you begin to draft the story only you can tell about the issues you care about most.

Class Three (March 15, 2024): Moving from page to stage

In this workshop class, you’ll learn key techniques of oral storytelling as you transform your activist essay into a persuasive talk. You’ll be inspired by talented writer-activists like Wangari Maathai, Amanda Gorman and Greta Thunberg and draw on the collective wisdom of the group as you work individually and collaboratively to craft a lively speech that will open hearts and move your audience to action.

Class Four (March 22, 2024): Leadership means taking your vision out into the world

In our final class, you’ll have a chance to rehearse your speech and present it to the group, coming away with a recorded talk that you can share if you wish, along with a toolkit of skills and tactics for leading a movement for transformational change. The pathbreaking work of writer-activists like Bill McKibben, Eve Ensler (V) and US poet laureate Joy Harjo will offer strategies for bringing your vision strongly and meaningfully out into the world.