Let’s work together to polish your writing and move it out strongly into the world!


Coaching, Manuscript Review,
Editing and Publishing

Let’s work together to make your writing the best it can be, and get it moving out in the world!

Author Coaching

Whether you’re just starting out on the writing journey or have been at it for a while, you’ll find that your writing will blossom and gain momentum if given the nourishment of regular doses of encouragement and guidance. I’ve been successfully coaching and mentoring writers of all ages for many years, and I would love to put my experience and positive, can-do spirit to work for you!  

Manuscript Review and Developmental Editing

Drawing on my many years of experience as an author and an editor, I can help you turn that messy manuscript into a well-organized, polished masterpiece that your readers won’t want to put down.

“I am so happy to say that after our meeting ended July 1, I wrote for 3-4 hours…and have not stopped since…. Thank you for your attention, skill and insight!
It’s exhilarating and for now, you are the audience I’m writing for. Feeling your empathic ears, eyes and heart as I write. So many thanks! “

— JC, CA

“Well, that was some first conversation, I must say….wow. And as I sat and wrote down all your suggestions and thoughtful responses, I was so moved and so full of gratitude. I don’t think I have ever talked with someone before who so understands the many layers and complexities of these processes. It was quite amazing…and I spent the rest of the afternoon thinking, making notes, figuring out some spirals of confusion….So, deep thanks to you, for your attentiveness and responsiveness.”

— PG, 2019

“I just finished going through all your comments and edits.  I must say – you did an outstanding job!! I’m so happy with it! Thank you again. I really saw how hard you worked on this and I so appreciate you and your wisdom and guidance. “

— AP, 2021

Dear Jennifer, I’m so happy to have your guidance and support. Working with you feels so deeply nourishing and supportive. My whole mood has been uplifted too — finally something beautiful to work towards. Writing feels like good medicine right now. Thanks for being on the journey with me!

— HH, 2021

I spent a year working with Jennifer on my memoir and we had a very productive collaboration. With her deep knowledge of the form, she helped me shape my story for greater impact, suggesting where I could go deeper, how I could use structure to pull in my audience, and what I could do to make my book more marketable. Her insights improved my storytelling, while her support and encouragement motivated me to think more strategically about my future as a writer. Thank you, Jennifer!

— BB, 2019

JB- You are like the diamond cutter. You took something rough and made it shine. I am forever grateful. It flows, it glows and I absolutely love it.

— NP, 2019

Author Coaching

Editing & Manuscript Review