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Book an hour-long coaching session with Jennifer and see the magic that unfolds when you talk through your writing challenges and plan your next steps with an experienced, insightful and deeply empathetic coach!

Memoir workshop, 2016

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Whether you’re just starting out on the writing journey or have been at it for a while, you’ll find that your writing will blossom and gain momentum if given the nourishment of regular doses of encouragement and guidance.

I’ve been successfully coaching and mentoring writers of all ages for many years, and I would love to put my experience and positive, can-do spirit to work for you!

In person, on the phone or via video conference, let’s spend an hour talking through whatever is on your mind as a writer: writing styles, character development, narrative arc, crafting a compelling story, getting past writer’s block…you name it, I’ve worked with it, and I can help you overcome any obstacle on the way to creating a memoir, essay, novel or nonfiction book you’ll be proud to share with the world.

I also have plenty of social media experience, if you’re interested in developing a blog or strategizing on how to get people talking about your work.

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“Thank you for all your encouragement, belief in my work, and your always inspiring words.”

—RS, 2022

“Dear Jennifer, I’m so happy to have your guidance and support. Working with you feels so deeply nourishing and supportive. My whole mood has been uplifted too — finally something beautiful to work towards. Writing feels like good medicine right now. Thanks for being on the journey with me!”

—HH, 2021

“Thanks, Jennifer, for your depth of connection to the writing and the journey and the offering that I am making of this little life. I got so much energy talking to you today!”

—CJ, Santa Fe NM

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