It’s the Summer Solstice, friends! Do you feel your energy rising? 

I am always aware, at this time of year, how the wildflowers turn their faces to greet the sun, seeming to quiver with delight at all that life-giving energy streaming down from the heavens. 

I am fortunate to be in a place where it can be bright and sunny without being hot, as I tend to wilt in heat. As it is, I am joining the daisies in soaking up those rays and feeling my spirits lighten, despite the drag of the ceaseless parade of bad news in the media. 

I remind myself daily that while my feeling badly about world events won’t make them better, my positive mood—my smiles and laughter and love—can make a difference, rippling out from me to draw others into a bright Solstice murmuration. 

I try to use the high energy of this time to get my inner creative muse up and dancing. 

Try it yourself and see what happens when you let the muse inside you turn her face to the sun and shine brightly. I bet you’ll be surprised and delighted at the new growth that will suddenly unfurl from your figurative pen!

We could modify Margaret Mead’s famous words a little and tell ourselves: “Never doubt that a person who is tuned into their own creative power can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Wishing you a most creative Solstice season! 

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