On the elemental journey of purposeful memoir, the element of FIRE stands for both our PASSIONS and our CHALLENGES. 

When you explore your life story through the lens of fire, you are looking for the passions that have blazed in you since early childhood, and inquiring into how these early relationships or interests have morphed or tempered as you’ve moved on in life’s journey.

When you’re on fire with excitement—whether for a person, place, activity or cause—your sense of purpose shines bright, bringing with it an unstoppable surge of power. You’re FIRED UP AND READY TO GO!!

But fire also represents those intense moments in life where you are forced to confront obstacles, trials and tribulations. Following the trail of fire may lead us to moments of anger and pain. 

Whether surging with joy and positive purpose, or raging with anger and frustration, there is nothing half-way about the emotional intensity of fire. That’s why it’s such a fascinating elemental lens through which to explore the twists and turns of your life story. 

If you are not sure of your purpose in writing, fire can help you find it. 

Once you know your purpose, seeking out the fire in your life story will help you share it in the most compelling way possible. 

Sharing our most intense moments in writing, we engage with the healing properties of fire. 

Fire can be terribly destructive, but its fury ultimately leads to healing.  We cauterize wounds to keep them from festering. We burn out the dead wood in order to regenerate the landscape. 

By exploring the fire path, you create a kind of “heat map” of your life journey. Where the going gets hot, it may indicate a wonderful surge of positive energy, or it may indicate a challenge to be met and overcome.

One thing fire will never be is dull. 

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