Signature Workshops

Available in a variety of formats, from a two-hour afternoon or evening session to a weekend retreat or week-long series.

The Alchemy of Purposeful Memoir

On this exploratory emotional journey through life’s high and low points, salute the positive and transmute the negative in your life experience.

Whether you are already embarked on a memoir project, or just want to spend some productive time writing about your life in good company, this transformative series of workshop sessions will give you new insights and entry points into your life story.

Each session is focused around emotions that come up in every person’s life, offering open-ended writing catalysts that will get you thinking more deeply about both the high points and the challenges of your life experience.

Optional sharing, using Jennifer’s time-tested protocol for positive, non-evaluative peer feedback, offers opportunities for deep listening to self and others, as we honor the commonalities and differences among those in our circle.

Session themes:

Seeking joy: A look back at life’s high points, from elation to contentment

Seeking love: Remembering the many faces of love in our lives

Seeking confidence: Overcoming self-doubt and the inner critic

Seeking health: Well-being for self, society & world

Seeking community: From loneliness and isolation to community

Seeking courage: Moving beyond fear

Seeking clarity: Moving beyond stress, overwhelm & confusion

Seeking guidance: Where do we turn for wisdom?

Seeking strength: From adversity comes strength

Seeking purpose: What am I here for?


The Elemental Journey of Purposeful Memoir

Under Jennifer’s expert guidance….

  • Learn how to tap into the four elements—Earth, Water, Fire and Air—to help frame your personal experiences
  • Get inspired by stimulating writing prompts providing multiple entry points into the story of your life
  • Relax into a safe, nurturing circle of kindred spirits and together find the purpose embedded in your life experiences
  • Experience the exhilaration of doing the inner work necessary to become a beacon for others coming along behind you on life’s journey


You know you have a million great stories to tell, but you’re not sure how to get going, or how to organize the stories into a coherent narrative. You want to share your life’s highs and lows with others, whether just friends and family or the whole wide world, but you’re not sure what to include and what to leave out.

You know how to write your story descriptively and chronologically, but you’d like to think creatively about using narrative techniques like flashback, internal monologue, dialogue and detail to bring the reader along with you into the most powerful scenes of your life. You want the support and encouragement of a circle of women all working together to bring out the best in each other’s writing.

If you recognize yourself in this picture, Jennifer’s signature workshop in purposeful memoir is for you! Available as an online course or in-person retreat, this writing workshop provides structure and support for a memoirist in any stage of the writing journey, from working with the initial concept of the memoir to fine-tuning the details and narrative arc. Under Jennifer’s deft, wise leadership, participants take great strides ahead on their projects, building

What they’re saying….

“Thank you for an excellent workshop. I really learned a lot from it.” –J.O.

“Thanks again for a wonderful workshop today. I enjoyed talking with you afterwards about our shared interests in helping others deepen their connections to the natural world.” — B.P.


Aligning the Personal, Political and Planetary: Purposeful Memoir as a Path to a Thriving Future

Coming to the Bioneers conference in October 2019!

Buddhist philosopher Thich Nhat Hanh says that if you look closely, you can see the whole world in your cup of tea. Similarly, if you view your life with the intent of aligning the personal, political and planetary axes of your experience, it quickly becomes clear that you are far more than just your individual self.

Each of us stands in the center of a network of multiple overlapping social groups that play a large—if not always fully obvious—role in determining who we are, how we behave, and how we perceive the world around us. We are also, whether we realize it or not, each a member of the Earth community, the vast ecological web of life on Gaia, our living planet Earth.

In this unique workshop, Jennifer guides you to take fuller stock of your unique place and role as a member of human society and the larger Gaian community. As you explore the multiple facets of your identity in this time and place, you develop a richer, more nuanced self-understanding. Highly valuable as part of the deeper work of purposeful memoir, this inner journey is important for anyone who seeks to develop a more rooted and healthy awareness of what it means to be a human on Earth today.

Working with the tools of purposeful memoir, you’ll use writing as a pathway to deep reflection and adventurous exploration of the multifaceted levels of your life experiences. You will come away from this course with a notebook (or computer folder) full of writing that seeks to align the personal, political and planetary in insightful new ways.

Whether or not you’re interested in writing a full-fledged memoir, this workshop will help you create a contoured, layered map of the landscape of your life experience, with a timeline highlighting not only the most important places, people and events in your personal life, but also in your experience as a member of multiple social groups and global communities.


The Butterfly Leadership Workshop for Teen Girls

This transformative, writing-intensive workshop, available in a variety of lengths and formats, will awaken teen girls and young women to the power of their own voices, both written and spoken. Through a combination of facilitated writing exercises, team-building activities, and public speaking training and practice, Jennifer gives girls the tools, strategies and confidence they need to speak up, stand up, and lead.


Write the Change You Want To See in the World

A writing workshop focused on helping you channel your passions into powerful, hard-hitting prose. Whatever gets you fired up—the environment, food, fashion, humor, politics, health issues, women’s issues or parenting, you name it!—Jennifer will guide you in honing your message, targeting your audience, and exploring different genres and opportunities for publication.