Aligning the Personal, Political and Planetary

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What they’re saying….

“You provided such a warm and accepting safe haven for (all) of us to share these tender parts of our ourselves through these writing exercises. And with such an expert and delicate hand! The format was excellent; kept us moving, thinking, laughing, writing, and the time flew! At the end of this weekend, I felt both inspired and encouraged that, maybe, just maybe I really can write something…..!? I so appreciated the give and take from you and the group, enjoyed the writings of others, and loved getting the meaningful feedback on my own. It was wonderful to be ‘heard’. It feels great to be part of this community. I feel as though I’ve made some wonderful, new friends.” (AS, Writing the Journey of Your Life” weekend memoir writing retreat, January 2016)

“I absolutely loved the workshop...I would love to be given the chance to participate in a longer version” (JM, Gaia Calling workshop). “Many, many thanks for all your efforts and for guiding us through a beautiful process.  I thought all your prompts were inspired, in right order and meaningful….I agree with you that more time would add even more value and I look forward to your on-going work” (RF, Gaia Calling workshop).

“What an extraordinary weekend. The lovely and talented Jennifer Browdy brought six memoirists together for a weekend of inspiration and instruction under her wise and capable leadership… And we–who were six strangers–parted at its close as intimate friends, each of us better now, for knowing one another. Jennifer’s deep passion for ‘women who write’ is evident in her ongoing commitment to those of us who do. In a soft voice she fearlessly leads, directs, and most of all…deeply cares. We wrote from our hearts and she opened hers, steering us here, guiding us there and always… leading us right back to ourselves. A thousand thank you’s, Jennifer Browdy, for sharing what you know. We ‘Women Writers’ are lucky recipients of your intense desire to help others and your passion to spread their words (and for us to spread our wings). So two thumbs (and two pens) up to Jennifer and to a successful writer’s weekend. Little doubt from this Texas traveler that there will be many many more inspirational weekends in the future.” –NP, Writing the Journey of Your Life workshop, June 2015.

Upcoming Writing Workshops

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July 10, 2017. “Doing Hope, Alone and Together: Reading and Reflections on Purposeful Memoir.” LaHave Maritime Museum, Bell’s Island, Nova Scotia.

September 17, 2017. “Writing From the Summit: Seeing Through Eagle Eyes.” A writing workshop in purposeful memoir. Bascom Lodge, Mt. Greylock State Reservation, North Adams MA. Register here.

October 21, 2017. “Birthing Your Truest Stories by Nurturing Your Most Tender Voice.” A writing workshop in fiction and memoir co-led with doula/writer Audrey Kalman. Book Passage, Corte Madera, CA. 

Recent workshops

May 13, 2017, “Pipelines, Politics and Prose: Getting Personal About Our Planet.” Reading and writing workshop. Sandisfield Arts Center, Sandisfield MA.

April 22, 2017, “So Much Is In Bud: Cultivating Hope in an Age of Fear.” Special Earth Day writing workshop with Ellen Meeropol and Jana Laiz. South Berkshire Friends Meeting House, Great Barrington, MA.

January – May, 2017, Monthly workshop series, “The Elemental Journey of Purposeful Memoir.” South Berkshire Friends Meeting House, Great Barrington, MA.

November 2016, Rookwood Memoir Writing Retreat for Women, Rookwood Inn, Lenox.

September 2016, “Finding Your Mountaintop: Writing Your Way to Clarity.” Bascom Lodge, Mount Greylock State Reservation.

June 2015, The Elemental Journey of Purposeful Memoir: A Pre-conference workshop for teachers,” American Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment Biennial Conference, University of Idaho.

July 2015, The Butterfly Effect, A Leadership Institute for Teen Girls, with a writing-intensive approach to finding purpose, developing confidence and leadership skills, and building community. Sponsored by the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers, hosted at The Mount, Edith Wharton’s summer home in Lenox MA.

September 2015 Gaia Calling: Writing in Nature, Writing For Nature. A writing workshop at the beautiful Bascom Lodge on Mount Greylock, MA.

September 2015, Rookwood Weekend Memoir Writing Retreat on Memoir: Focus on Place, Rookwood Inn, Lenox MA. 

January 2016, Rookwood Weekend Memoir Writing Retreat for Women: Focus on People, Rookwood Inn, Lenox, MA.

June 2016, Rookwood Weekend Memoir Writing Retreat for Women: From History to Her-story to Your Story. Rookwood Inn, Lenox MA.

August 1 – 4, 2016, Write the Change You Want to See,” with Jana Laiz; Bard College at Simon’s Rock, Great Barrington.

August 8 – 12, 2016, Butterfly Leadership Program Summer Intensive for Teen Girls and Young Women,” with Grace Rossman; The Mount, Lenox.


Gaia Calling: The Elemental Journey of Purposeful Memoir       This workshop, which can be offered in a range of lengths from hours to days, is for women who want to use writing to explore their life story in a purposeful way—to move towards greater clarity not only about their own lives, but about the world we live in and our own life purpose on Earth at this time. Women at any stage of their life journey are invited to think in writing about where we have come from and where we are now, individually and as a society, and how can we use the past and present as a springboard into the future we want to joyously co-create. The workshop offers writing prompts based on the four elements—Earth, Water, Fire, and Air—as a way both to structure our own life experiences and to deepen our awareness of our connection to the planet that sustains us. 

What they’re saying…. “Thank you for an excellent workshop. I really learned a lot from it.” –J.O. “Thanks again for a wonderful workshop today.  I enjoyed talking with you afterwards about our shared interests in helping others deepen their connections to the natural world.” — B.P.

Strategies for Social and Environmental Justice Advocacy through the Media

This hands-on workshop explores different approaches, in written and cinematic narrative as well as various new media platforms, to informing the public about the issues of social and environmental justice. Which rhetorical and narrative strategies are most effective in getting the public, as well as politicians and business leaders, to pay attention and act? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the different media platforms available to social change agents today? How can activists on various specific issues take advantage of the plethora of communications channels available today to build social movements and inspire change on both individual and societal levels?   In the first part of the workshop, we explore various successful approaches that have been developed by contemporary change agents such as Bill McKibben (; Forward on Climate) and Eve Ensler (V-Day; 1 Billion Rising). Then we collaborate on planning our own activist campaigns, using established rhetorical and technical strategies as well as developing a few new tricks of our own.



Psst…the Personal is Planetary! Pass it On! We need to wake up and realize that everything we do as individuals has a political and planetary impact.  Exploring her own personal trajectory as an American woman, Browdy envisions the future that we could create if we succeed in aligning the personal, political and planetary dimensions of our lives.

What they’re saying….    

“A powerful, compelling talk….Thank you for being that beacon of light and a reflective mirror for all of us.”  –AC

“Your talk was, for me, very impacting and also moving….It helped me see the tremendous work you have done in integrating your own self-inquiry with your professional life and your hopes for the planet.  Not easy stuff, and extremely courageous…..Literally ground-breaking.” –AM

“I wish to bottle and save the energy and inspiration you send out in your work.  Thank you so much for the care with which you made this remarkable presentation.” –LS

From Anthropocene to Androgynocene: Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies for a Sustainable Future

Our age is commonly referred to as the “Anthropocene”–the era when human activity became the most influential driver of change on Earth.  Unfortunately, much of that change has been negative, as humans have polluted the environment and triggered the cascading effects of climate change with our over-reliance on fossil fuels.  Analyzing the Anthropocene through a gendered lens, Browdy attributes much of our current social and political problems to an imbalance of the masculine and the feminine in human consciousness. If we can succeed in shifting from Anthropocene to Androgynocene, she argues, we can overcome all obstacles and move into a sustainable future.